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Landscape lighting services. Serving Chicago and areas. MagicIrrication.com

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Professional Landscape Lighting in Hinsdale, IL

Whether it is new construction, or if you are renewing your home or landscape, we can help you with landscape lighting design to transform your outdoor space into a unique and sophisticated surrounding.

It is our goal to provide our customers with the highest quality, cost effective and environmentally conscious landscapes possible as we build a solid long term relationship into the future. In addition, our services expand to outdoor landscape lighting installation.

Some of the landscape lighting techniques we use include:


The general idea of path lighting is to distribute light across entrances, walkways, and paths to both beautify and increase visibility. When used selectively and strategically, it is a great way to add decorative accents to a landscape. To achieve this landscape lighting effect, fixtures can be installed at a path level or on an elevated surface such as a tree or patio to cast down light from above.


Up-lighting is the most common technique used by landscape architects to illuminate trees, sculptures, walls, waterfalls, fountains and many other decorations. These landscape lighting fixtures are literally planted in the ground and project the light upward and away from the viewer to prevent glare. Fixtures can be easily adjusted horizontally and vertically by a homeowner to add a dramatic effect to any part of the landscape.


This landscape lighting technique adds a soft blanket of light with a smooth and even illumination to enhance the ambiance of any setting. Moonlighting creates a visual effect on the landscape which, when installed correctly, mimics full moon´s natural light. Lights are mounted high in trees and aimed back though the branches to create a dispersion of light and shadows across the scenery.

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Hard work, and dedication to our profession are our most valued assets. But no one is able to present us better than our customers. We are proud to say that we have been reviewed on Yelp, Angie's List,as well as other prestigious review sites.

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